Meaning of belching

  1. To expel (gas) loudly from the stomach through the mouth.
    My father used to belch after having a fine meal.
  2. To eject or emit (something) with spasmodic force or noise.
    Yes, we have seen the wrecked cars and the factories belching smoke and the blur of speedy automobiles crowding highways.
  3. To be ejected or emitted (from something) with spasmodic force or noise.


The act of producing a belch.

Information about belching

  • Languages ​​in which belching is used:

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Hyphenation of belching


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 8 chars.
  • belching is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

belching synonyms

Meaning belch:

belch, burp, burping, eructation

Words that rhyme with belching

hing, aahing, ahing, blahing, fatwahing, hoorahing, hurrahing, huzzahing, obeahing, oompahing, rahing, Ahgwahching, Beeching, Busching, Ching, Fasching, Frenching, Kuching, Peiching, Stellenbosching, accroaching, aching, antilynching, antipoaching, appeaching, approaching, arching, areaching, attaching, avalanching, avouching, baching, backaching, backscratching, backstitching, batching, beaching, bedrenching, bellyaching, benching, bescorching, beseeching, besmirching, besmutching, bewitching, bioleaching, birching, birdcatching, birdwatching, bitching

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