Meaning of alas

  1. used to express grief, pity, or concern.
    alas, my funds have some limitations

Middle English: from Old French a las, a lasse, from a ‘ah’ + las(se ) (from Latin lassus ‘weary’).

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Information about alas

Hyphenation of alas


  • It consists of 1 syllables and 4 chars.
  • alas is a word monosyllabic because it has one syllable

alas synonyms

Meaning unfortunately:

unfortunately, unluckily, regrettably

Anagrams of alas

Sala, aals, laas, lasa, sala

Words that rhyme with alas

Alas, Balas, Cabalas, Cabbalas, Nabalas, balas, cabalas, cabbalas, falbalas, kabalas, kabbalas, qabalas, tambalas, Calas, cicalas, mancalas, amygdalas, mandalas, argalas, galas, polygalas, Sinhalas, dharmshalas, halas, jhalas, trehalas, Oglalas, halalas, shillalas, Damalas, harmalas, kamalas, nalas, coalas, koalas, impalas, palas, tampalas, Marsalas, Rasalas, Salas, dharmsalas, marsalas, masalas, cantalas, talas, Kalavalas, tshwalas, inyalas, nyalas

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