Meaning of ala

  1. A wing or winglike structure.
  2. A winglike anatomical process or part, especially of bone.
  3. The flattened border of some stems, fruits, and seeds, or one of the two side petals of certain flowers in the pea family.
  4. In ancient Rome, a small room opening into a larger room or courtyard.


In the style or manner of.

Information about ala

Hyphenation of ala


  • It consists of 1 syllables and 3 chars.
  • ala is a word monosyllabic because it has one syllable

Anagrams of ala

aal, laa

Words that rhyme with ala

Ala, akwa'ala, Jaala, Bala, Cabala, Nabala, alcabala, cabala, kabala, lardizabala, qabala, Cabbala, Kabbala, cabbala, kabbala, qabbala, falbala, Ambala, Jumbala, Kishambala, Shambala, matambala, tambala, Obala, Karbala, scybala, catacala, cicala, Zincala, mancala, Catocala, Ocala, Scala, scala, Tlaxcala, Adala, Daedala, Amygdala, Magdala, amygdala, bandala, chandala, mandala, wandala, Havdala, beala, Feala, Neala, fala, Mafala

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