Meaning of Dick

  1. A male person.
  2. The penis.
  3. A highly contemptible person; a jerk.
    That person is such a dick.
  4. Absolutely nothing.
    Last weekend I did dick.
  5. Sexual intercourse with a man.
  1. To mistreat or take advantage of somebody (often with around or up).
    Dude, don't let them dick you around like that!
  2. (of a man) To have sexual intercourse with.
  1. A detective.
    private dick, railroad dick


A declaration.


Ten in Cumbrian sheep counting

Information about Dick

  • It's a proper name.
  • The plural form of Dick is: Dicks.
  • Languages ​​in which Dick is used:

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Hyphenation of Dick


  • It consists of 1 syllables and 4 chars.
  • Dick is a word monosyllabic because it has one syllable

Dick synonyms

Meaning gumshoe:

gumshoe, hawkshaw

Meaning cock:

cock, prick, shaft, pecker, peter, tool, putz

Meaning :

asshole, dickhead, jerk, bone

Words that rhyme with Dick

dick, Sadick, Biddick, Caddick, Capeneddick, Chappaquiddick, Reddick, Roddick, niddick, scuddick, toddick, zaddick, Benedick, benedick, medick, Hildick, Bendick, Burdick, cleverdick, swordick, Fosdick

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