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Information about exsangue

  • Languages ​​in which exsangue is used:

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Hyphenation of exsangue


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 8 chars.
  • exsangue is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

exsangue synonyms

Meaning blafard:

incolore, livide, terne, triste, crayeuse, blafarde, blanche, cireuse, terreuse

Words that rhyme with exsangue

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1 syllables words

cangue, gangue, langue, mangue, dengue, bringue, dingue, flingue, fringue, gringue, lingue, zingue, longue

2 syllables words

abaisse-langue, harangue, novlangue, spatangue, varangue, merengue, bastringue, bilingue, burlingue, carlingue, cradingue, foldingue, lourdingue, meringue, moujingue, porte-flingue, poudingue, ralingue, ramingue, seringue, sourdingue, trilingue, unilingue, wassingue, barlongue, diphtongue, oblongue, triphtongue

3 syllables words

brindezingue, camerlingue, frappadingue, interlingue, monolingue, multilingue, plurilingue, quadrilingue, ribouldingue, wateringue, monophtongue