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Hyphenation of accord


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 6 chars.
  • accord is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

accord synonyms

Meaning acceptation:

acceptation, acquiescement, assentiment, autorisation, aval, consentement, accompagnement, escorte, harmonie, unisson, concorde, entente, coordination, arrangement, conciliation, alliance, pacte, adoption, cooptation, alignement, approbation, emprunt, imitation, ralliement, apparentement, coalition, association, contrat, rapprochement, assemblage, permission, habilitation, licence, visa, charte, titre, convention, correspondance, rencontre, collusion, connivence, intelligence, communion, eucharistie, convenance, transaction, composition, concordat, arbitrage, concert, audition, analogie, concordance, similitude, ressemblance, union, complaisance, engagement, protocole, acte, communication, diapason, niveau, registre, ton, fraternisation, camaraderie, sympathie, confiance, euphonie, consonance, synchronisme, eurythmie, apaisement, approche, accommodement, stipulation, clause, condition, syntonie, recueil, affaire, commerce, transfert, fusion, abouchement

Words that rhyme with accord

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2 syllables words

raccord, record, whipcord

3 syllables words