Meaning of zapping

  1. To make a zap sound.
  2. To use a remote control to repeatedly change channels on a television.
  3. To strike (something or someone) with electricity or energy, as by shooting.
    They spent the whole movie zapping bad guys into oblivion.
  4. To kill; to eliminate.
  5. To damage (especially electronics) with electrostatic discharge.
    I think they zapped the processor.
  6. To heat (something) in a microwave oven.
    If it's not warm in the middle; zap it some more.
  7. To delete or discard (electronic media).
    They zapped a lot of files before realizing they had not backed up lately.
  8. To further energize or charge (magnetic material).
    They zapped my motor's magnets.


The act or result of being zapped.

Information about zapping

Hyphenation of zapping


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 7 chars.
  • zapping is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

Translation of zapping

Words that rhyme with zapping

Ping, ping, Sellotaping, aping, awhaping, bedraping, beleaping, caping, cheaping, craping, dognaping, draping, escaping, gaping, graping, heaping, japing, kidnaping, landscaping, leaping, misshaping, neaping, nonscraping, outleaping, outshaping, overheaping, overleaping, petnaping, preescaping, preshaping, pretaping, raping, reaping, relandscaping, reshaping, retaping, scaping, scraping, sellotaping, shaping, skyscraping, sneaping, soaping, subgaping, taping, threaping, townscaping, transshaping, traping, uncaping

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