Information about vacuity

  • The plural form of vacuity is: vacuities.
  • Languages ​​in which vacuity is used:

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Hyphenation of vacuity


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 7 chars.
  • vacuity is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

vacuity synonyms

Meaning vacuum:


Meaning inanity:

inanity, senselessness, mindlessness, pointlessness

Words that rhyme with vacuity

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1 syllables words

viduity, Equity, fruity, suity

2 syllables words

acuity, nocuity, nonacuity, stereoacuity, assiduity, deciduity, dividuity, vaguity, tenuity, equity, inequity, obliquity, preequity, propinquity, ubiquity, uniquity, congruity, recruity, unfruity

3 syllables words

biscuity, circuity, conspicuity, innocuity, perspicuity, promiscuity, transpicuity, disassiduity, individuity, superfluity, annuity, sanguinuity, strenuity, antiquity, appropinquity, iniquity, longinquity, obsequity, unantiquity, discongruity, incongruity, noncongruity, patruity, fatuity, fortuity, gratuity

4 syllables words

hyperacuity, imperspicuity, ambiguity, contiguity, exiguity, presuperfluity, continuity, disingenuity, ingenuity, misingenuity, overingenuity, supernuity, uningenuity, preantiquity, subantiquity, conspectuity, perpetuity

5 syllables words

discontiguity, nonambiguity, noncontiguity, superexiguity, unambiguity, discontinuity, incontinuity, noncontinuity, superannuity, superingenuity, nonperpetuity

6 syllables words