Meaning of mixture

  1. The act of mixing.
  2. Something produced by mixing.
  3. Something that consists of diverse elements.
  4. A medicinal compound, typically a suspension of a solid in a solution
    A teaspoonful of the mixture to be taken three times daily after meals
  5. A compound organ stop.
  6. A cloth of variegated colouring.
  7. A mix of different dry foods as a snack, especially chevda or Bombay mix.

Information about mixture

Hyphenation of mixture


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 7 chars.
  • mixture is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

mixture synonyms

Meaning concoction:

concoction, intermixture

Meaning assortment:

assortment, miscellany, miscellanea, variety, salmagundi, potpourri, motley

Meaning mix:

mix, commixture, admixture, intermixture, mixing

Translation of mixture

Words that rhyme with mixture

Nature, Provature, Quadrature, abature, abbreviature, acciaccature, acclimature, accordature, adjudicature, alcoholature, antecurvature, antestature, antinature, appoggiature, arcature, armature, binomenclature, breviature, calliature, candidature, caricature, celature, claviature, clericature, climature, cofeature, colature, colorature, connature, contemperature, contemplature, corporature, countersignature, creature, crenature, crispature, cubature, curvature, declinature, decurvature, dedicature, defeature, delineature, demarcature, denature, dictature, disarmature, disfeature, disnature, distemperature

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