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Information about l

Hyphenation of l


  • It consists of 1 syllables and 1 chars.
  • l is a word monosyllabic because it has one syllable

l synonyms

Meaning fifty:

fifty, L

Meaning liter:

liter, litre

Meaning lambert:

lambert, L

Meaning L:


Words that rhyme with l

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1 syllables words

L, stuns'l, Al, Landsm'al, aal, Baal, baal, Rabaal, daal, reaal, Gaal, Jaal, paal, craal, graal, enkraal, kraal, Taal, taal, Staal, Vaal, Transvaal, transvaal, Waal, raadzaal, Bal, procbal, Koibal, pibal, Caribal, Ribal, scribal, tribal, tombal, global, isolobal, lobal, trilobal, unilobal, probal, Iqbal, herbal, bubal, Jubal, pubal, paratubal, tubal, Cal, respacal

2 syllables words

Jerubbaal, Jamaal, wadmaal, shemaal, nagmaal, Simaal, shimaal, Landsmaal, Rigsmaal, Riksmaal, landsmaal, nachtmaal, encraal, Sangraal, sangraal, Floraal, Kursaal, kursaal, Cabal, cabal, Iseabal, Jabal, Annabal, Nabal, nabal, rabal, trabal, Sabal, sabal, atabal, Jerubbal, tubbal, glebal, postcibal, histomibal, Anibal, nontribal, pleurotribal, pretribal, pseudotribal, subtribal, unscribal, untribal, tarsotibal, Sambal, Zambal, kambal, sambal, Grimbal, cimbal, gimbal, limbal, timbal, Pombal, jumbal, lumbal, sacrolumbal, sumbal, cymbal, gymbal, tymbal, euglobal, microbal, Arsobal, barbal, biverbal, postverbal, triverbal, verbal, yerbal, Dyirbal, dyirbal, Horbal, gorbal, jirrbal, Setbal, Hasdrubal, hasdrubal, Setubal, extratubal, infratubal, intratubal, ureterotubal, uterotubal, skybal, jacal, Sumacal, TraumaCal, Magnacal, cloacal, caracal, yacal

3 syllables words

Anabal, Chanabal, attabal, Hannibal, cannibal, hannibal, extratribal, intertribal, catacumbal, sacrilumbal, antimicrobal, Cristobal, cruciverbal, deverbal, intraverbal, nonverbal, preverbal, reserbal, univerbal, unverbal, Dionysiacal, Isiacal, Sothiacal, cardiacal, dochmiacal, elegiacal, hylegiacal, theriacal, Pharmacal, pharmacal, polypharmacal, tetrapharmacal, precloacal, Citracal, Ultracal, thoracal, Sustacal, mystacal, pittacal, Soyacal

4 syllables words

superalbal, perilimbal, clavicymbal, interverbal, quinqueverbal, musculotubal, ovariotubal, Hypochondriacal, aphrodisiacal, dandiacal, genethliacal, heliacal, hypochondriacal, maniacal, parheliacal, prosodiacal, symposiacal, zodiacal, endostracal, periostracal, subthoracal

5 syllables words

Tubatulabal, ammoniacal, demoniacal, egomaniacal, exzodiacal, graphomaniacal, harmoniacal, mammoniacal, metromaniacal, monomaniacal, nonzodiacal, nymphomaniacal, paradisiacal, postmaniacal, premaniacal, simoniacal, submaniacal, undandiacal, unmaniacal, uteromaniacal, extracloacal, intracloacal

6 syllables words

Anglomaniacal, Genesiacal, Pandemoniacal, Russomaniacal, antimaniacal, bibliomaniacal, clitoromaniacal, dipsomaniacal, enantiodromiacal, encyclopediacal, eroticomaniacal, erotomaniacal, extrazodiacal, gynecomaniacal, hysteromaniacal, kleptomaniacal, megalomaniacal, narcomaniacal, pandemoniacal, pyromaniacal, scribblemaniacal, ultrazodiacal

7 syllables words

lautenclavicymbal, antisimoniacal, aphrodisiomaniacal, pharmacomaniacal