Meaning of jabber


Rapid or incoherent talk, with indistinct utterance; gibberish.

  1. To talk rapidly, indistinctly, or unintelligibly; to utter gibberish or nonsense.
  2. To utter rapidly or indistinctly; to gabble.
  1. One who or that which jabs.
  2. A kind of hand-operated corn planter.

Information about jabber

  • The plural form of jabber is: jabbers.
  • Languages ​​in which jabber is used:

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Hyphenation of jabber


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 6 chars.
  • jabber is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

jabber synonyms

Meaning jabbering:

jabbering, gabble

Meaning rant:

rant, spout, rave

Words that rhyme with jabber

Tabber, backstabber, beslabber, blabber, bonnyclabber, cabber, clabber, crabber, dabber, deckswabber, drabber, fabber, gabber, grabber, labber, nabber, rehabber, slabber, squabber, stabber, swabber, tabber, wabber, yabber, Webber, webber, Cibber, beerbibber, bibber, cribber, dibber, dribber, fibber, gibber, glibber, grimgribber, jibber, kibber, libber, nibber, ribber, sibber, squibber, windbibber, winebibber, Lobber, archrobber, beslobber, blobber, bobber

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