Meaning of cab

  1. A taxi; a taxicab.
  2. Compartment at the front of a truck or train for the driver
    a cab ride
  3. Shelter at the top of an air traffic control tower or fire lookout tower
  4. Any of several four-wheeled carriages; a cabriolet


To travel by taxicab.


A former Hebrew unit of volume, about equal to 1.3 L as a dry measure or 1.25 L as a liquid measure.

  1. Initialism of chest compressions, airway and breathing.
  2. Initialism of caffeinated alcoholic beverage.


An arcade cabinet, the unit in which a video game is housed in a gaming arcade.

Information about cab

Hyphenation of cab


  • It consists of 1 syllables and 3 chars.
  • cab is a word monosyllabic because it has one syllable

cab synonyms

Meaning cabriolet:


Meaning hack:

hack, taxi, taxicab

Meaning taxi:


Translation of cab

Anagrams of cab

abc, Bac, bac

Words that rhyme with cab

cobcab, pedicab, minicab, Americab, taxicab, hansomcab, autocab, motorcab, scab, bescab

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