Information about bitter

Hyphenation of bitter


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 6 chars.
  • bitter is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

bitter synonyms

Meaning acrimonious:


Meaning acerb:

acerb, acerbic, acid, acrid, blistering, caustic, sulfurous, sulphurous, venomous, virulent, vitriolic

Meaning biting:


Meaning bitterness:


Meaning piercingly:

piercingly, bitterly, bitingly

Words that rhyme with bitter

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2 syllables words

Platter, Vatter, atter, backscatter, batter, bechatter, bescatter, blatter, catter, chatter, clatter, fatter, flatter, gatter, gnatter, hatter, latter, matter, natter, outchatter, patter, phatter, platter, ratter, scatter, scratter, shatter, slatter, smatter, spatter, splatter, spratter, squatter, swatter, tatter, vatter, watter, yatter, Getter, Hostetter, Kletter, Metter, Schroetter, Stetter, Touretter, Vetter, abetter, beansetter, begetter, beletter, better, fetter, fretter, getter, hetter, jetter, letter, moortetter, netter, petter, reletter, retter, sawsetter, setter, tasksetter, tetter, toolsetter, transletter, vignetter, wetter, whetter, yetter, Ditter, Knitter, Ritter, Salzgitter, Sitter, Twitter, Witter, aglitter, ajitter, atwitter, babysitter, beglitter, blitter, chitter, clitter, critter, emitter, fitter, flitter, forebitter, fritter, gitter, glitter, gritter, hitter, jitter, kitter, knitter, litter, nitter, omitter, pitter, profitter, quitter, ritter, sidesplitter, sitter, skitter, slitter, smitter, spitter, splitter, squitter, titter, twitter, whitter, witter, writter, zitter, zwitter

3 syllables words

Schlatter, backfatter, bebatter, beclatter, beflatter, bespatter, besplatter, betatter, combatter, debatter, discatter, flyswatter, formatter, hamfatter, nonmatter, nonshatter, outbatter, outflatter, overmatter, overscatter, overspatter, preflatter, sandnatter, standpatter, troposcatter, wildcatter, Finletter, Hofstetter, Leadbetter, Ledbetter, airletter, barretter, bedwetter, befetter, besetter, bloodletter, boatsetter, bonesetter, bricksetter, cornetter, embetter, enfetter, eyeletter, felonsetter, filmsetter, forgetter, garnetter, gillnetter, insetter, junketter, newsletter, nonsetter, onsetter, outbetter, oversetter, pacesetter, pinsetter, pirouetter, pirquetter, polesetter, regretter, resetter, rivetter, roughsetter, subletter, trendsetter, typesetter, unfetter, upsetter, wadsetter, Ehrenritter, acquitter, admitter, antilitter, babbitter, bedsitter, belitter, bullshitter, coalfitter, committer, copyfitter, embitter, hairsplitter, imbitter, infitter, nonbitter, nonsitter, outfitter, outglitter, outwitter, overbitter, permitter, pinchhitter, pipefitter, pretermitter, remitter, shipfitter, shopfitter, steamfitter, submitter, transmitter, unbitter, unfitter

4 syllables words

aftermatter, antimatter, clitterclatter, cybersquatter, photostatter, Donnerwetter, Fotosetter, Teletypesetter, carburetter, imagesetter, noveletter, photosetter, teletypesetter, underletter, undersetter, disembitter, disimbitter, intermitter, intromitter, manumitter, middlesplitter, undersitter

5 syllables words

phototypesetter, neurotransmitter

6 syllables words