Meaning of artefact

  1. an object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest.
    gold and silver artefacts
  2. something observed in a scientific investigation or experiment that is not naturally present but occurs as a result of the preparative or investigative procedure.
    the curvature of the surface is an artefact of the wide-angle view

early 19th century: from Latin arte ‘by or using art’ + factum ‘something made’ (neuter past participle of facere ‘make’).

Information about artefact

  • It is a name.
  • The plural form of artefact is: artefacts.
  • Languages ​​in which artefact is used:

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Hyphenation of artefact


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 8 chars.
  • artefact is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

artefact synonyms

Meaning artifact:


Anagrams of artefact

afteract, farcetta, farctate

Words that rhyme with artefact

fact, Relefact, Suprefact, antefact, arefact, benefact, frigefact, labefact, artifact, ventifact, olfact, confact, nonfact, unfact, geofact, counterfact, postfact, manufact

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