Meaning of appoint

  1. To set, fix or determine (a time or place for something such as a meeting, or the meeting itself) by authority or agreement.
  2. To name (someone to a post or role).
  3. To furnish or equip (a place) completely; to provide with all the equipment or furnishings necessary; to fit out.
  4. To equip (someone) with (something); to assign (someone) authoritatively (some equipment).
  5. To fix the disposition of (property) by designating someone to take use of (it).
  6. To fix with power or firmness by decree or command; to ordain or establish.
  7. To resolve; to determine; to ordain.

Information about appoint

  • It is a verb.
  • The plural form of appoint is: appoints.
  • Languages ​​in which appoint is used:

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Hyphenation of appoint


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 7 chars.
  • appoint is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

appoint synonyms

Meaning name:

name, nominate, constitute

Meaning charge:


Translation of appoint

Words that rhyme with appoint

oint, BeneJoint, abjoint, adjoint, ajoint, backjoint, bluejoint, conjoint, disjoint, injoint, joint, selfadjoint, subjoint, underjoint, unjoint, anoint, disanoint, enoint, noint, reanoint, Hotpoint, LifePoint, Point, PowerPoint, Sandpoint, VersaPoint, ViewPoint, acupoint, autopoint, ballpoint, basepoint, blowpoint, bluepoint, breakpoint, cashpoint, checkpoint, chokepoint, colorpoint, counterpoint, crosspoint, datapoint, dewpoint, disappoint, dispoint, drawpoint, drypoint, dustpoint, embonpoint, endpoint, eyepoint

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