Information about abbroachment

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Hyphenation of abbroachment


  • It consists of 3 syllables and 12 chars.
  • abbroachment is a word trisyllabic because it has three syllables

Words that rhyme with abbroachment

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1 syllables words

Ment, ment, ament, lament

2 syllables words

Sacrament, agrament, aldeament, atrament, forepredicament, lavament, libament, medicament, nugament, orgament, pament, parament, postament, predicament, purgament, rament, sacrament, vizament, amendment, avoidment, awardment, imbedment, mandment, mendment, needment, oddment, tendment, weldment, Bement, Casement, Clement, Klement, abasement, abatement, abodement, abonnement, aborsement, abouchement, abridgement, acharnement, achievement, agreement, alinement, amazement, amercement, amusement, arnement, arousement, atonement, avengement, avilement, avisement, basement, batement, bepraisement, bodement

3 syllables words

Parliament, Testament, antepredicament, arbitrament, armament, capillament, colament, colliquament, crassament, delirament, ferrament, filament, firmament, fundament, jurament, ligament, lineament, machinament, mandament, monofilament, nucament, ornament, overornament, palliament, paludament, parliament, passament, postpredicament, protofilament, rearmament, relament, testament, tonofilament, tournament, tutament, unsacrament, benumbment, enjambment, entombment, intombment, perturbment, abscondment, astoundment, attendment, befriendment, bombardment, commandment, commendment, confoundment, defraudment, disbandment, discardment, dumbfoundment, embedment, enfoldment, impoundment, infoldment, intendment, portendment, proamendment, propoundment, reamendment, refundment, remaindment, remandment, rescindment, retardment, secondment, unfoldment, withholdment, abjurement, accouchement, accountrement, accoustrement, accoutrement, accruement, accusement, accustrement, acquirement, addlement, adjudgement, advancement, advisement, afforcement, aggrievement, allegement, allurement, amortissement, amortizement, announcement, appartement, appeasement, appeteezement, appraisement, apprizement, approvement, arbitrement, arrangement, arrondissement, assaugement, assizement, assuagement, attirement, attouchement, attroupement, attunement, autodecrement, babblement, bafflement, balancement, baptizement, battement, battlement, bedazement, bedragglement, beguilement, bemirement, bemusement, bepuzzlement, bereavement, besiegement, besoothement, bouleversement

4 syllables words

additament, amerciament, antiparliament, decorament, delineament, deparliament, disarmament, hereditament, irritament, loculament, myofilament, nonarmament, nondisarmament, nonfilament, pretournament, prodisarmament, reornament, subparliament, temperament, unornament, verament, disentombment, debordment, interlardment, nonamendment, nonretardment, unamendment, acclimatement, accomplement, accouplement, acknowledgement, acquiescement, admeasurement, adventurement, advertisement, advertizement, affranchisement, aggrandizement, antiatonement, apparentement, appetizement, apprenticement, assemblement, attendement, atterminement, autoincrement, ballottement, bamboozlement, bedazzlement, befuddlement, belittlement, bemuddlement, bespecklement, betanglement

5 syllables words

appropriament, attemperament, intemperament, interparliament, interpretament, microfilament, multifilament, superornament, counterbombardment, antiamusement, anticomplement, antimanagement

6 syllables words