Meaning of Whang

  1. A blow; a whack.
  2. A large piece or slice; a chunk.
  3. A house-cleaning party.
  1. (chiefly of an object) To make a noise like something moving quickly through the air.
  2. To throw with a rapid slamming motion.
  3. To whack or beat.
    I ought to have whanged him one in the eye.
  4. To slice, especially into large pieces; to chop.

Information about Whang

  • Languages ​​in which Whang is used:

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Hyphenation of Whang


  • It consists of 1 syllables and 5 chars.
  • Whang is a word monosyllabic because it has one syllable

Whang synonyms

Meaning knock:

knock, belt, rap, whack

Anagrams of Whang


Words that rhyme with Whang

hang, Pahang, bhang, Chang, Ichang, Nanchang, Wuchang, blatchang, chang, behang, rehang, cliffhang, anhang, unhang, Pohang, phang, straphang, uphang, overhang, underhang, Shang, jinshang, slangwhang, whang, Zhang

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