Meaning of Snow

  1. The frozen, crystalline state of water that falls as precipitation.
  2. Any similar frozen form of a gas or liquid.
  3. A snowfall; a blanket of frozen, crystalline water.
    We have had several heavy snows this year.
  4. A shade of the color white.
  5. The moving pattern of random dots displayed on a television, etc., when no transmission signal is being received.
  6. Cocaine.
  1. To have snow fall from the sky.
    It is snowing.
  2. To hoodwink someone, especially by presenting confusing information.
  3. To bluff in draw poker by refusing to draw any cards.


A square-rigged vessel, differing from a brig only in that she has a trysail mast close abaft the mainmast, on which a large trysail is hoisted.

Information about Snow

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Hyphenation of Snow


  • It consists of 1 syllables and 4 chars.
  • Snow is a word monosyllabic because it has one syllable

Snow synonyms

Meaning snowfall:


Meaning coke:

coke, blow, C

Meaning bamboozle:

bamboozle, hoodwink

Meaning :


Anagrams of Snow

nows, owns, sown, wons

Words that rhyme with Snow

snow, besnow, ensnow, unsnow, oversnow, ladysnow

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